Nickel-Chrome Plating

Nickel-Chrome Plating for automotive wheels and covers, towing components, bumpers and mouldings, exhaust components, and roof racks.


E-Coating Howard Finishing has over 20 years experience in E-Coating. Parts processed include bumpers, oil fill tubes, seat tracks and small brackets.

Flash Chrome Plating

Flash Chrome Plating Howard Finishing has Chrome Flashed plated parts for the Automotive industry for 40 years, including exhaust tips, exterior trim, wheel covers, and bumpers.

Zinc Plating

Zinc Plating and Trivalent Chromate on parts such as stampings, brackets, rods, washers, wires, baskets, plates and more, to combat the corrosion of steel.

Buffing & Polishing

Buffing & Polishing on parts for the automotive industry including wheels, step assist bars, exhaust tips, exterior trim, and motorcycle parts. Improving the luster of parts.